XBNiao provides foreign trade and export companies with high quality and efficient logistics service that covers the whole cycle of the business through integrating quality domestic and international  logistics service providers. The service covers transportation, warehousing, booking, customs declaration, international logistics and transportation, destination country customs clearance, and dispatching. All the processes can be tracked using visualized tools. Clients also enjoy end-to-end booking service with major global shipping companies including online booking, obtaining B/L and shipment tracking.

The company focuses on cross-border e-commerce, including international express routes, international small parcels, FBA first leg freight in Europe and America, overseas warehousing and international express delivery as its core business, providing fast, safe and efficient one-stop cross-border logistics solutions for cross-border sellers.

Sea freight

XBNiao provides a rich mix of FCL and LCL cargo services to foreign trade businesses and has opened up routes from multiple Chinese ports to regions including America and Europe, working with ship companies. At the same time, it provides value-added services including trailers at destination ports, domestic customs declaration and destination port clearance.


Air freight

XBNiao provides air freight services including international express routes, international small parcels and international express delivery, involving multiple flight routes of several airliners. At the same time, all goods can be tracked in real time.

Service Procedures

Export businesses—obtaining comprehensive logistics information with price transparency:

Export businesses are able to check comprehensive shipping routes and price quotations and are able to make bookings electronically as well as communicating freight commissions by telephone and email.

Logistics companies—Enjoying more business opportunities:

Logistics companies can publish tailored logistics routes at any time and accept bookings online, helping them seize more business opportunities in a more convenient and rapid manner.


Through alliances and cooperation with different businesses, XBNiao is able to provide cargo space on most shipping routes, thus enjoys the advantage of lower shipping prices. After a client makes a booking, XBNiao will designate a client service agent to provide tailored services throughout the whole process.

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