XBNiao helps businesses solve their financing problems in international trade through a whole package of financial services including order financing, mortgage balance financing as well as advance tax refund payments, and thus helps these businesses maximize capacity utilization, win orders, improve cash flow and gain advantages over their competitors in the market.

XBNiao supports the three major financing and loan models in the industry: order loans, policy loans and L/C loans. It boasts fast financing and low risks and helps businesses enjoy faster cash flow and improved operational efficiency.

XBNiao works with domestic banks to provide financial and financing services for Chinese export businesses.

Order loans

XBNiao provides financing service for businesses needed for manufacturing, using real orders between manufacturers and foreign trade clients, as well as cumulative turnover.


Policy loans

Also known as accounts receivable financing, policy loans provide financing service specifically for international trade using payment methods such as T/T or L/C. After XBNiao conducts necessary assessment and gives its approval, it purchases insurance for overseas buyers to avoid payment risk and provide financing service.


Resolving the conflict of unbalanced information distribution between small / medium enterprises and banks.

Solving the problem of banks' inability to control trade procedures.

Clearing the hurdle of credit thresholds for small / medium enterprises by banks.

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