We provide tailored cross-border export incubator service to brands and manufacturers and dedicate our service to building a one-stop online platform and online sales and marketing channel for export. We also provide all round and quality operational solutions and lead businesses to their rapid overseas success and billions of overseas customers.We help you establish advantages especially in large goods such as furniture, home appliances, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, garden furniture and bathroom furniture.

Product Selection Based on Data

Market Assessment

Brand Marketing

Precise and Segmented Operation

Popular and Trendy Product Branding


Platform Registration

Account registration,

Brand recordation,

Categorization and audit,

VAT tax number,

Beneficiary account


Market Survey

Market capacity,

Search popularity,

Competitor products analysis,

Sales plan,

Stock volume,


Localization plan

Shop Operation

Listing optimization,

Traffic attraction and advertisement on within the platform,

Shop diagnosis,

Daily sales improvement,

Discount and promotion management,

Competitor products tracking,

Regular data analysis,

Re-stocking plan,

After-sales processing,

Shop performance maintenance


Sales and Promotion

Promotion on external social platforms,

DEAL type website promotion

Service Advantages

Data Driven

Driving business decisions and positioning target populations.

Product Driven

Refining product selling points and optimizing product structures.


Perfecting textual and graphical ideas and exploring product advantages.

Visual Design

Accentuating visual effects and strengthening design aesthetics.

Sales Tailoring

Precise operational traffic attraction and increasing sales conversion.

Sales and Promotion

Integrating sales resources and promoting network-wide propagation.

Brand Building

Accurate brand positioning and building brand images.

Professional After-sales

Strengthening customer stickiness and increasing re-purchase rate.

Mature Incubation System

XBNiao has focused on cross-border e-commerce services for years and now owns a professional incubation system and operational procedure. It is able to provide its clients with a complete and one-stop online overseas sales and clearance experience in a rapid manner.

Experienced Operational Team

XBNiao's operation team is endowed with years of rich and diverse operational experience and familiar with overseas consumers' daily habits and preferences. The team provides professional tailored guidance and integral operational planning for account holders and creates more value for them. It is also able to help clients save labor costs in operation.

Multiplatform and Multilingual Advantage

XBNiao is a quality service provider for many mainstream e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Wish and Cidscount. It provides multiple service languages such as English, Japanese,French, Italian, Spanish and etc., and is able to conduct rapid verification of and precise entry to emerging platforms and websites.

Segmentation Advantage

XBNiao boasts expertise in finding selling points, understanding product cycles, exploring product potentials and precisely predicting sales, especially in large items such as furniture, home appliances, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, garden furniture and bathroom furniture.

All Round Resource Integration

Relying on its own advantages, XBNiao has accumulated rich cross-border e-commerce resources such as trade markes, VAT, logistics, overseas warehouses and third-party resources needed in the operation, helping clients successfully choose products based on data, evaluate markets, conduct brand sales and promotion, operate in niche markets and build popular brands.

Service Procedures






Sales and

Cost Per


Business Partnership

Sending invitation to manufacturers and brands to form business partnership and helping you clear global cross-border e-commerce channels rapidly so that you can expand to overseas markets and build international brands.

Cooperation on Channels

Sharing channels with other service providers, we provide you with professional cross-border e-commerce operational solutions and materialize your resources so that complementary advantages can be shared.

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