Comprehensive cross-boarder export services

  • With technological, big data & operational centers,
  • Intelligent decision-making tool,
  • Analysis of companies' need,
  • Customized global trade solution,
  • Value enhancing in global market.

One-stop operation service

  • Branding solution & optimization in product selection,
  • Omni-channel marketing in major economies,
  • Automatic order & customer management,
  • Distribution & wholesale services,
  • Online & offline services.
Platform features
Multi-channel listing

Bulk listing in 24 hours, to reach 2 billion global customer from top 5 e-commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, Wish, Newegg, Cdiscount).

Cross-border marketing

Search engine promotion, social media marketing, global EDM; marketing campaign, affiliate program, product discounts, in-site advertising, accurate customer targeting through big data.

One-to-one guidance

Big data pricing, multilingual translation, operational monitoring & feedback, head guidance, after-sales, account operation, and off-season sales guidance.

No exchange settlement limit

Regular automatic financial settlement, cross-border RMB settlement, rapid return, zero exchange loss, no exchange settlement limit.

Overseas warehouse delivery

Local delivery, order based distribution, big data replenishment warning, single code per item, visualized order status.

Chinese management interface

Centralized management of multi-channel order information, delivery, billing, return, and settlement.

Service guarantees

Global solution

  • Global channels coverage
  • Outstanding branding strategy
  • Platform operation & promotion
  • Cross-border supply chain

Top partners

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Big data marketing

  • Years sales data accumulation
  • Omni-network tracking
  • Search engine & social media
  • Billion-level keyword library

Technology & innovation

  • Big data driven decision-making
  • Keep sync with global platforms
  • Connecting up & downstream

Professional supporting services

  • Branding design
  • Operational analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • User experience design
Operational service
Global marketing research
  • Industry overview
  • Account category information
  • Market competition update
  • Potential assessment of product
Solution and connection
  • Store operation suggestion
  • Contract & payment
  • Product information sharing
  • Product selection
  • Logistics settlement
Store preparation
  • Brand verification
  • Amazon account creating
  • Overseas warehouse stocking
  • Foreign trade clearance
  • VAT processing
Product editing and listing
  • Data analysis
  • Create listing
  • English and minority language editing
  • Picture optimization
  • Keyword selection
  • Create campaign
  • Campaign settings
  • Advertising releasing
  • External traffic
Customer service, logistics, after-sales
  • Daily customer service
  • Dispute handling
  • Service provider connecting
  • After-sales card design
Operational service process

Global marketing research

Operation plan writing

Business cooperation processing

Overseas warehouse stocking

Global sales operations

Customer confidence
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