Domestic customs declaration 

Beijing foreign trade general service provider pilot enterprise 

XBNiao is one of the first group of Beijing foreign trade general service provider pilot businesses, selected by the expert group organized by the office of the work group to strengthen foreign trade general service in Beijing. 

Cooperation with 13 ports nationally 

XBNiao has established a deep and close working relationship with all 13 ports while enjoying equally favorable treatment at 15 ports as other foreign trade general service provider pilot enterprises. We have professional teams locally and provide one-stop customs declaration, inspection, foreign currency receipt and settlement, and tax refund services for domestic export businesses in the free trade zones. 

Top qualifications in customs clearance, inspection, foreign exchange and tax 

AEO business certificates, credit grade A enterprises, taxpayers credit grade A enterprises, credit grade A enterprises.


Overseas customs clearance 

Best qualified overseas customs clearance partners 

Logistics partners of XBNiao have established long-term cooperative partnerships with top customs clearance companies in America, UK, Australia, Bahrain, Germany, Russia and Greece, with whom, long-term agreed prices have been signed. Those logistics partners can provide professional, quality and one-stop service including logistics, customs declaration, customs clearance and port trailers to export businesses. 



WCS is a world leading logistics service company, providing freight and customs clearance services for all types of businesses. We will maximize your online sales and provide seamless supply chain solutions.

George Baker (Shipping) Ltd(UK)

George Baker (Shipping) Ltd was established in1982 in the UK and its business covers all aspects of customs clearance service including sea, air and land freights. The company has a large AEO certified warehouse and a customs bonded warehouse at the Port of Felixstowe.


KENEALY CUSTOMS BROKERSPTY LTD was established more than half a century ago and its business is based on attention to details and customer services. The company provides precise and efficient customs clearance, freight and door-to-door transportation for large and small cargo alike.


GAC is one of the largest logistics, shipping and freight forward companies in Bahrain. Its service models are diverse with the capability to process customs clearance of all goods including commodities and petroleum products. It also provides local warehousing service.

ITL Omega Sp. z o.o. ZNL Hamburg(Germany)

ITL Omega Sp. z o.o. ZNL Hamburg was established in 2005 in Germany and has acted as a customs clearance agent, transit document agent, container and goods release agent and customs affairs consultant at all German ports.

Flash Asia(Russia)

Flash Asia is located in Moscow of Russia and has been in the customs clearance business for 15 years. A large chunk of its business involves railway, road, air and sea freights between China and Russia, as well as customs clearance thereof. 


HAIKALIS TRANS S.A was founded in 1992 in Athens and its business has grown more than 12% since the beginning of this year, one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. The company engages in comprehensive and all-round services in transportation between Greece and other countries and customs declaration and clearance involved. 

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