XBN appearance on the Second WCIFIT Fair in Chongqing city

Source:XBN   |    Time:2019-05-16

The Second Western China International Fair for Investment and Fair was held in Chongqing city International EXPO Center. The fair operated for four days, from 16th to 19th of May. XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform and other Beijing high-level enterprises led by Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission participated in the WCIFIT Fair.



XBN on the Second WCIFIT Fair


Being the first batch of Cross-border e-Commerce Service Platform, XBN presented itself on the Fair, describing its business expertise in the one-stop operational system, cross-border supply chain system, Internet marketing services, cross-border e-commerce ERP system, market analysis system, integrated electronic service system PAAS and other types of foreign trade comprehensive services. XBN was very popular among the visitors of exhibition and fair.



Export company merchant observes information about XBN.



Following the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative, XBN develops its own business advantages, combining global resources to actively implement in countries of the New Silk Road and build more overseas operational centers in those countries.

XBN follows its innovative path of “Internet + Trade”, providing international trade companies with highly effective and convenient integrated services of foreign trade.  Its platform helps to strength up economic cooperation, realize win-win cooperation effect and mutual development.

2019 Cross-border New Ecosystem Forum ended with grand finale after XBN Training Platform Press-conference