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XBN Overseas Warehouse

Overseas Warehouse

M² Cross-border E-commerce Training Program

M² Cross-border
E-commerce Training Program

 Cloud Computing x Cross-border E-commerce

 Cloud Computing
Cross-border E-commerce

China’s leading full-service cross-border trade service platform

Want to enter the overseas market?

Cross-border Supply Chain System

Global resources integrated with XBN-owned oversea warehouses.

Professional services including logistics, customs clearance, storage, import & export processing, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund, finance, etc.

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XBN Overseas Warehouse

Want to efficiently manage procurement, storage, multi-channel listing, sales and more?

Cross-border E-commerce ERP System

Intelligent system designed based on the daily work habits of cross-border sellers, saving 80% of repetitive work with an extremely user-friendly design.

End-to-end supporting from listing to the payment receiving,  support to multi-channel, multi-store, multi-warehouse and multi-user models. With Core+App architecture, install the apps only you need, keep the system as simplified as it can.

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Want to reach a large number of global customers?

Digital Marketing Service

Connect to global Omni-channel marketing platforms.

Immediately reach to your target users through mainstream social media, search engines, SEO drainage and so on. Real-time marketing performance tracking, automatic adjust marketing plans, and maximize your ROI.

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Want to fully understand the global market?

Global Market Analysis System

Through intelligent big data & AI analysis to understand global market trends, analyze competitor’s activites and develop the “right” strategies.

Comprehensive market data reference in multi-dimension including product, shop, cost, and promotion. To identify market opportunities and create business value.

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Looking for a smart solution according to your business need?

Integrated Electronic Business System (PaaS)

Help you to build a system that fully satisfies your business need.

Able to create a variety of SaaS solutions like: OA, CRM, SCM, ERP, marketing and so forth. Best fit for your business. Fully integrated. Free to build.

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Want to start global sales by just “one-click”?

XBN e-commerce service platform

A broad of export channels through a platform of platforms with advanced technology.

It is connecting 75 e-commerce sites around the world, covering 45 countries and regions. You would launch your product by just “one-click”.  To realize multi-listing in a fast and simple way.

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Limited demand in the foreign trade market now?

XBN can help you in the new blue ocean market.

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