XBN Overseas Warehouse

International intelligent warehousing services

  • XBN have set up overseas warehouses in many countries including Los Angeles, New York, British, German, Greek, Australia, Bahrain and so on, to provide localized sales platform for all XBN overseas warehouse users.
  • Warehousing services including goods storage, B2C small pack delivery, B2B bulk delivery, transshipment of air+dispatch / ship+dispatch, multi-warehouse data real-time collection, replenishment to FBA / third-party overseas warehouse, receiving return / collect on return, after-sale repair, goods labelling and shipping mark, packaging replacement, goods checking, goods destruction, goods dispatching, palletizing containers, customer pick-up and overseas distribution.

Fast delivery

Global warehouse network, local delivery services

Low cost

Consolidation shipping, cost sharing

Support for returns

Collection on return, after-sales services

Multiple deals

Supporting retail, wholesale, bulk transactions

Simple, direct, effective with XBN system
Cross-border supply chain system

Global resources integrated with XBN-owned oversea warehouses. Professional services including logistics, customs clearance, storage, import & export processing, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund, finance, etc.

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Compatible with third-party management systems
  • OMS - Order Management System
  • Connected with XBN platform, local logistics company, international logistics company, up and downstream storage system for data conversion and transmission between systems.
  • WMS - Warehouse Management System
  • Supporting mass orders handling for e-commerce business, to realize rapid delivery and inventory carrying through order trend analysis and intelligent recommendation.
  • BMS - Billing Management System
  • Providing precise and dynamic storage cost calculation by combining various complex billing parameters.

Effective domestic distribution

Delivery time

Logistics costs

Head service

Head clearance

Return handling




Express delivery

Direct mail

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