Official training partner of international e-commerce platforms

  • Experienced lecturers from Amazon & eBay,
  • Easily to create global sales in an innovative way,
  • Cooperated with global mainstream e-commerce platforms,
  • With professional support and guidance.

Practical syllables for beginner & advancer

  • Comprehensive cross-border resources supported by XBN,
  • Rapid master the product category detail and understand the USPs,
  • Create profit-driven hot selling items,
  • Operation system training with practical cases combined.
Cross-border e-commerce resources sharing
  • Full connection of XBN resources for comprehensive support.
  • Multi-language
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian…
  • Technical support
  • Customized management system by PaaS technology such as OA, ERP, CRM…
  • Logistic
  • Overseas warehouses in multi-region, head delivery, last-mile delivery…
  • Export trade integrated services
  • Customs clearance, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund, supply chain financial service…
  • Marketing
  • Internal & external traffic, brand website, SEO, SEM…
  • Content & schedule
  • Flexible content and professional lecturers according to the knowledge and schedule of the student.
  • Case study
  • Including significant case study according to industry, product category and the experience of the student.
  • Training Camp
  • 90-day complete training covering: start a store, e-commerce knowledge, live training, tools, and resources connecting…
Cooperate with institution & enterprise for training & career
  • Incubation
  • Talent development through cooperation with colleges, institutions, and universities.
  • Internship
  • Create a practical training opportunity for student through cooperation with enterprises.
  • Along with national policy
  • Promoting and supporting in cross-border e-commerce. To drive organic innovation by promote education chain, talent chain, and industry chain.
Professional lecturer team

The short-cut for the global market

Official platform lecturer

Ten years of experience in cross-border e-commerce operation and management. She is proficient in data-based product election and store management; good at fine operation and create hot-selling item; in-depth understanding of overseas warehouse operation and inventory carrying. She ever created many items with high traffic and conversion, also driven her team to achieve “Sellers Choice Award” as a team leader.

Official platform lecturer

Ten years of experience in cross-border e-commerce operation and systematic management training. She is the one of the founding team of LightInTheBox eBay, ever created an account with over million US dollar sales. She is proficient in the platform-based market researching and sales data analysis; customize sales strategy and create the hot-selling item.

Official platform lecturer

With extensive experience in online store management. Good at store operation, maintain account safety and risk analysis; proficient at digital marketing and full operation strategy. Five years of solid experience in multi-account management of external marketing including Google, Facebook, etc.


eBay course

  • All charge detail
  • Introduction of front & backstage
  • Product listing basic
  • Store management & design
  • Product listing skills
  • Traffic & conversion
  • Introduction of Seller Hub
  • Handling of email & bad review
  • Handling of Paypal disputes
  • Handling of eBay return
  • Banned products
  • Platform policy & violation
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Amazon course

  • Newbie quick start
  • Creating store at each site
  • Account risk management
  • Introduction of front & backstage
  • Product selection tools & methods
  • Pricing & Costing
  • Product listing skills
  • Product ranking rules
  • Introduction & operation of all FBA
  • Advertising & operation detail
  • Performance appraisal & improvement
  • Site message & EDM marketing
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Advanced course

  • Risk management
  • Data-based fine product selection
  • Matching principle of search traffic
  • Fine optimization for Amazon listing
  • Cost management & rapid profit
  • Core strategy of PPC advertising
  • External marketing channels & strategies
  • Logistics & overseas warehouse carrying
  • Inventory planning & forecasting
  • Amazon supply chain management
  • Dealer thinking
  • Store diagnosis
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