Transform to E-business

  • A PaaS system for global trade business,
  • Customize your system like CRM, ERP, CMS, OA, etc,
  • Compatible with the existing system of business,
  • User-friendly & cost reducing & data safety

PaaS (Platform as a Service):

It is a platform for software operation or called by user application in the form of API and SDK.  To support the user develop online software for their business such as CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.

Customized for “YOUR” business

  • Satisfy specific needs by combining various data models,
  • Including basic field, function component field, and relational field,
  • Supporting data analysis and reporting function (BI),
  • Customize flow of approval, process, collaboration, etc,
  • Customize the layout, color, font, etc,
Leading industry system model
Industry compatibility

Highly customizable system for a particular business of the individual industry.

Unified structure

Supporting to build different systems with the same elements & methods.

Individual need

Able to make individual modification in the default system template.


A building tool connected with upper-level business through the core layer.

Rapid development

With a simple configure, the only script for the unique business logic of enterprise is requested.

Open platform

Accesses are available including user, message, authentication, security. file and business object.

Customize work-flow
  • Approval
  • Supporting level-by-level, multi-level, countersign, and multi-person approval; supporting internal massage, WeChat, email, and APP reminder; supporting approval log, and process management.
  • Workflow
  • Supporting a graphical flow chart to creating complex flow. To cooperated with a data security system to ensure data security of an enterprise.
  • Collaboration
  • Supporting cross-department collaboration, fine division of work, business data sharing, and avoid waste of resources.
Comprehensive data models
  • Basic fields
  • Including single-line text, single-select, multiple-choice, numbers, integers, multi-line text, amounts, pictures, attachments, people, progress, and alerts.
  • Functional component fields
  • Including regional positioning, sign-in component, organizational structure, self-incrementing number, life status, and locking status.
  • Relational fields
  • Including relationship, field references, copy fields, and parent fields.
BI data analysis
  • Completed formats
  • Supports chart presentations such as pie charts, column charts, linecharts, and bar charts;
  • creating PDF, Excel, Html and other report formats.
  • Powerful functions
  • Supporting custom report statistics, and reports by  the statistics of different fields;
  • collection of multi source data of enterprises to create a unified data report;
  • multi-level drilling and supporting drag and drop operations to create custom report.
  • Report security
  • Supporting the configuration of organizations, personnel, roles, functions,and positions to meet the requirement of complex authority management;
  • graded authorization for multi-level management of report with authorization.
Hierarchical authorization
  • Field authority
  • To ensure critical data security by the setting of user's visibility including read, write and read-only.
  • Data sharing
  • Supports automatic or manual sharing of data by custom rule, which is flexible and practical.
  • Data authority
  • Setting according to the business need: only the person, the person and the leader, the department can be seen or the whole company can be seen.
  • Role authority
  • Different employees can be set to access different business objects.
Quick develop with WYSWYG page
  • Free to build
  • To build and connect the modules by drag and drop.
  • Supporting custom theme colors, fonts, icon styles, and more.
More technical supporting

Compatible with multi-terminal

PC web, mobile web, mobile APP, WeChat official acc & mini program

Secondary development platform

Supporting JAVA, component development, self-contained, code embedding

Core + Apps

High extendable ecological application, open platform structure, multiple extension forms

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