Cross-platform management

  • Connecting product & order from multi-platform,
  • Convenient for unified management,
  • Highly efficient and effective.

Data driven brand strategy

  • Intelligent solutions for cross-border e-commerce business today,
  • Management of multi-channel listing, researching, marketing, and logistics,
  • Tracking and improving business performance in real-time.
For cross-border e-commerce

System designed base on the working practice of actual cross-border e-commerce business.

Multi-channel management

Integrated management of multi-store in different platforms and connect with inventory data.

Easy to operate

Online SaaS operation with optimized design from traditional ERP.

Accurate data analysis

Real-time automatic monitoring and analysis for the cost and profit of SKU through sales, financial, and product data.

Extensive product database

With 30w+ high quality suppliers’ information and product data for procurement.

Extendable function

In Core+Apps system, able to discover various Apps developed from third-party to satisfy an individual need.

Multi-channel management

Status tracking for all platform, account, and goods by connecting the listed goods at the channel with inventory through quick store authorization.

Centralized order management

Automatically synchronize orders from all platforms, guarantee to handle each order at the right time. Connecting different logistics Apps, ensure to ship at the right logistics provider base on the product, warehouse, and location. Keep tracking with inventory, to remind the seller for replenishment and prevent overselling when necessary.

App Store
  • Customize function
  • Quick to maximize the system function according to the user need including OA, financial, production, procurement, storage, and sales…
  • Full application ecology
  • Connecting external site, logistics and inspection market for additional value.
  • Partnership with up & downstream software
  • Connecting overseas procurement system of buyer, open for external inspection, email, micro-portal, and API docking.
Customized system function

Base on the Core+Apps design, the user would adjust the system function flexibly to satisfy the future need.  The more useful function including OA, financial, production, logistics, inspection and website builder.

Design for cross-border e-commerce
Secure system technology

TTPS secure access

  • HTTPS SSL authentication
  • Front-end access blacklist

Data encryption

  • User password encryption
  • Sensitive data encryption

Authorization & access

  • Account access
  • SSO single sign-in
  • Enable access log

Anti-attack / injection

  • Login verification
  • Data submitting filter
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