The road to international market

XBN's mission is to help Chinese brands enter the international markets based on its technological, big data and operational centers, as well as on intelligent decision-making, automatization tools and thorough analysis of companies' needs. XBN provides companies with customized foreign trade solutions, help them increase their own value and expand their presence in the global market.

" Cost reducing & systematic goods management "

Foshan Atrion Trading Co., Ltd. has been selling on Amazon for nearly 2 years, including furniture and household products as the main product lines. They ever used Amazon FBA in the early stage, but they found the storage cost is very high due to the size of their goods; and the worst value-added services such as return handling. In the second year, they took XBN service...

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Traditional manufacturer

Multi-platform + multi-store management

Shenzhen Bairunhui Garments Co., Ltd. is an e-commerce company specializing in the export of 3C products. They have own brand operation, promotion, warehousing, and customer service, selling goods through their official stores in Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Wish. With 5,000 daily order but low efficiency in operation due to traditional working system…

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Construction machinery exporter

Cost effective marketing with Google

CMachinery is engaged in the export trade of construction machinery. They took Google advertising to further develop its market, intend to increase the number of inquiry at a low cost. Over 3 months, it reduced cost by 60% and the increased inquiry more than 200%…

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Trading company

Create a cross-border e-commerce army in 90-day training

The operation skill for cross-border e-commerce of Litailai team was definitely improved through the training plan of the XBN. It helps Litailai to enter the international market with several sales channel, intelligent management tools, product repositioning…

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