Global market analysis by billion-level data

  • Over billon global keyword database,
  • Multi-dimensional study & In-depth analysis,
  • Master the high-ranking products in global platforms,
  • Discover the highly potential product categories,
  • Optimized guidance for own product resources.

Helping make an operational decision

  • Real-time comprehensive market insight,
  • Full tracking for the products and stores of competitors,
  • Obtain the strategy changing of competitors all the right,
  • Monitor the trend and selling the right product in advance,
  • Operational strategy adjustment at the right time.
Apply in multiple scenarios

Item selection

Analyze the hot items in the global platforms and their duration of heat. Category and product analysis based on the change of seasons, festivals, events, etc.

Product analysis

Through a product scoring model to analyze the unreasonable metrics on their product pages. Comparing the features of competitive products.

Keyword study

Heat duration, forecasting, real-time searching amount, peak value, etc.

Customer behavior

Analyze the location of customer like country, region, street, etc. Create a customer network for further marketing.

Products & Stores Tracking
  • Real-time tracking for individual competitor base on ASIN, or new product tracking through store link. Always master the ranking, inventory, sales, keyword and more of competitors.
  • With real-time data tracking technology, definitely more efficiency than other analysis tools. Clearly understand the competitors and optimize the operational strategy.
Market data analysis
  • Achieve the data of million hot items through dozen of popular e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Cdiscount, etc.
  • Provide predictive reference including cost, profit, volume, sales, BSR ranking, review, etc for identifying the market opportunity in a short time.
  • The keywords in a period from national e-commerce, social media, and search engines with analysis of heat, trend, real-time searching amount, peak value, and duration.
  • Helping the seller to find out the profit during product selection, sales, or inventory checking.
Cost profit calculation
  • Get the detailed cost of logistic, storage, commission, CPC, and promotion automatically base on the product size and weight.
  • Helping the seller to clarify the profit during product selection, sales, or inventory checking.
Brand building
  • A customized solution for individual brand, to enhance the product value through professional visual design and copywriting. Website building for various industry, category, and product to leverage SEO and increasing natural traffic.
Product promotion
  • Cooperated with global mainstream channels including social media, e-commerce alliance, advertising alliance, category community, and video community. Also with oversea KOLs covering global customer resources to maximize external traffic for the e-commerce platform.
  • Customized promotion plan base on the individual product by precision marketing, viral marketing, and fission marketing…
  • Broad coverage promotion service also including SEO, SEM, DEAL, and video, helping seller to enhance the brand exposure and influence.
Support multiple devices / platforms

Global market analysis system supports multiple devices and platforms, easy to master the market trend in anytime and anywhere through system message and reminder. Enhancing the efficiency of the business operation.

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