XBN: Foreign trade comprehensive services platform, a package solution for the trade problems.

China Beijing TV Finance Channel published a series of documentaries under the name "Opening-up and Developing with the World — 40th Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation". One of the programs was dedicated to the theme "A way of innovation" and XBN took part in its record, representing Cross-border E-commerce and Foreign Trade Comprehensive Services Industry.

The documentary touched the question of "Made in China" products from ball pen refill to cars and high-speed rail. Today's "Made in China" notion has already completed a transformation from "cheap stuff" to splendid products; Chinese product coverage is very wide, and in any country, it's very easy to find merchandise with the label “Made In China”, in other words, it has own global footprint.

Located in 80 km from Beijing, De Ao Furniture Factory is an example of such companies that sells its products globally. However, since 2014, following a steady rise of raw materials price and logistics costs, as well as labor costs increase, China's furniture industry's price advantage was gradually weakening, and in 2016 that eventually led to decline in China's furniture industry exports.  Mr. Han Jiujiang is a leader of this factory. In 2016 when he was participating in the 4th China International Fair for Trade in Services. There, Mr. Han knew about XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform, about its platform model and services, and that's become a game changer moment for his company business.

The innovative thinking of Cross-border E-commerce is coming from integration approach.

XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform offers a complete chain of one-stop trade services starting from promotion on well-known global E-commerce platforms, international shipment, overseas warehousing, and ending with last mile delivery, as well as customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax reimbursement, etc. The platform can simultaneously help export companies to maximize export channels coverage, and throughout package solution of comprehensive trade services decrease cross-border trade costs. Such set of high-precision multi-dimensional services and solutions for the whole process of export trade has been helping a lot of traditional foreign trade companies to obtain new stability and growth inside unstable and changeable international trade environment.

XBN Chairman, Ms. Xu Danxia said that every idea of XBN is based on the concept of "integration", i. e. all valuable ideas about products or operation model should be integrated, and combined in the one big platform, that will in a one-stop way provide all of such separated services realization. It means for enterprises that they not only get omnidirectional service, but also can allow enterprises wholeheartedly to devote itself to research and development, and fully concentrate on production, not distracting on sales and marketing.

Interconnection that provides a strong solution for export companies’ actual needs.

When the whole industry faced orders reduction, the sales in Han Jiujiang factory have the opposite trend - growth. It's because XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform breaks through traditional trade thinking and innovative creation of "platform integrated into platform" solution for that manufacturer case. XBN developed background management system, using accumulation if global mainstream E-commerce platforms and application of advanced technology. Thus, Chinese small and medium enterprises only need to use XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform so that they are able to connect to all global E-commerce websites.

The XBN Chairman said that XBN platform is not only just for sales solution, what's more important, XBN is truly able to solve the actual problems of the companies, and for XBN this is a matter of the great achievement.

Since the foundation in 2014, just in short terms of 2 years XBN went through the path from no orders at all to the title of Beijing top one private export enterprise in 2016, and got the recognition as “double autonomous enterprise”. XBN obtain multiple support from Beijing Municipal Government by the policies that oriented on trade service providers enterprises. The main reason for such rapid development of XBN is the usage of this operational model.

XBN representing Internet Cross-border E-commerce of a new format, keep the pace with reform and openness policy and act based on actual requirements of export companies. By the means of constant exploration and research of new business models of cross-border export, XBN proceeds with optimizing "Platform Integrated inside Platform" mode and cross-border trade system, thus allowing Chinese manufacturers to decrease the cost, expanding sales channels, achieving smooth procedures managing and easing export activities for Chinese enterprises.

















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