2019 Cross-border New Ecosystem Forum ended with grand finale after XBN Training Platform Press-conference

      On April 26th, 2019 Cross-border New Ecosystem Forum and XBN Training Platform Press-conference took place in Beijing, Bai Fu Yi Hotel.
      The forum was hosted jointly by eBay, XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform and Lian Dong You Shi  E-Commerce Co., along with support from Beijing E-commerce Association. According to the organizers, the summit aims to combine local Beijing Cross-border E-commerce resources, to do a deep analysis of Cross-border E-commerce Ecosystem, to provide Foreign Trade Enterprises and Sellers from Beijing and Northern China with complete Сross-border export solutions and support.

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      General Manager for Government Affairs and Strategy of Chinese Region - Zhang Yuan, Chairman of XBN - Xu Danxia. Mr. Liu Han, business development manager of eBay for Chinese Region on behalf of the platform introduced the topic "eBay as Cross-border E-commerce Supplier Leader", and reveal the secrets of "eBay high-potential products in 2019”, made a deep analysis of auto, home, commercial, industrial and electronic product categories. He also summed up the new seller frequent mistakes in the initial strategy and operational process. CEO of XBN, Mr. Wang Wei made a detailed introduction of XBN training platform functionality and planning, speak of XBN as eBay in China designated training service provider. He also showed that basing on XBN Cross-border E-commerce training platform the company made possible the realization of the conditions for mutual benefits between enterprises, universities, platform and third-party service organizations. All leaders and company representatives on the event witnessed the launch of the "XBN training platform" project. The launch became a formal start of Cross-border E-commerce Training Service Platform, created by XBN and leading E-commerce platforms. Mr. Sun Xiao Yong from PayPal proceed with the analysis of future opportunities and challenges of small businesses. General Director for International Business in Hai Lian Financial Technology Group, Wang Sisi shared his knowledge about Cross-border financing. Representatives of new outstanding seller companies summarized their own experience and recommendations for Cross-border trade.
      eBay was founded in 1995,  it has more than 14,000 employees all over the world. Being the leading global E-Commerce company, eBay business covers more than 190 countries or regions and in the 2018 its trading volume overreach 95 billion dollars with as much as 179 millions of active buyers.

Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Sun Yao is delivering a speech.

      Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Sun Yao made a report about  Beijing policies supporting Cross-border E-commerce development through the production infrastructure advantages. He expressed his hopes that this forum activity would give an impulse for constructing of Cross-border E-commerce Ecosystem and Cross-border E-commerce sustainable development.

Speech of the chairman Ding Tongxin, Beijing E-commerce Association.

      The chairman of Beijing E-commerce Association made analysis from the angle of Cross-border E-commerce and claim that global economic integration is a new trend of this century. Foreign trade has become an important part of the open type economic system in China and the main driving force economic growth in the country.

 Zhang Yuan, General Manager for Government Affairs and Strategy of Chinese Region in eBay made a speech.

The Chairman of the XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform, Mrs. Xu Danxia delivered her speech.

      According to XBN Chairman speech, XBN Cross-border E-commerce Platform acting as global trade comprehensive services provider use an innovative model of “Internet + Trade” to focus its efforts on exploring new overseas markets for Chinese export companies. The company devotes itself to the creation of a complete cross-border e-commerce industrial chain and a service ecosystem to support Chinese enterprises to become the part of international trade value system, managing that in a shorter time and with lower cost. XBN face different Cross-border E-commerce business to build an interconnected network, all parties can reveal their own functional advantages using this network and meet their own needs in the same time, thus ensuring the formation of healthy Cross-border E-commerce mutually-beneficial ecosystem. Network benefits: Sellers can find required and suitable services there and broaden their selling channels. Platforms can find more high-quality sellers and products while existing sellers are able to match with more high-quality services. Service providers can give sellers more options, and help existing sellers find match more matching services. She also said that the event achieved a successful start of training platform, and also adding universities into XBN service ecosystem. In the future, XBN will attract more participants and create even more mutual beneficial Cross-border E-commerce system.

The opening ceremony of XBN Training Platform.

      According to the XBN Vice President Wang Wei, XBN Training Platform and eBay platform started deep cooperation with Beijing as the base, spreading to the North and Northeast regions of China. The training courses of the platform includes such area of expertise as product selection, operational skills, promotion, logistics management, team management, etc. In 2019, XBN training platform is expected to organize 35 online and offline courses, covering 5000 people among Cross-border sellers and reaching the number of 400 companies added as partners. The plan includes the goal of creating a full operated Cross-border E-commerce Integrated Service System until the year of 2020. XBN is committed to creating a training platform of Cross-border E-commerce management for industrial and trade companies; create enterprise social network for sharing Cross-border E-commerce information, and in three years activate thousands of Chinese export enterprises.

General Director for International Business in Hai Lian Financial Technology Group, Wang Sisi.

      According to General Director Wang Sisi Hai Lian Group, being a professional cross-border financial service company, that have mainland cross-border payment experimental unit permit and Hong Kong MSO financial service provider license.  Hai Lian Group advantages are concentrated on problems and requirements of Cross-border E-commerce exports companies, promoting “Hai Lian financing" that provide supply chain integration solutions for Cross-border financing and payment collection. The solution includes the full realization of services such as an instant block of the transaction, real-time instant money transfer without exchange losses, suppliers payment clearance, salary payments, and other services. The company can also provide online application for linkage factoring financing, credits, which you can get and return anytime, flexible mode, reasonable cost, the financial limit can be used in the store for recycling. The group made it easy for businesses to reduce channel costs and boost the speed of capital turnover.

Round table discussions within the Forum about Cross-border Retail Export.

     The summit draws attention and got support from approximately 200 foreign trade companies and Cross-border sellers. On the round-table within the forum guest speakers and companies proceeded with deep exchanges and discussions on the main theme of “How to overcome sore points of  Cross-border Export”.

















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