XBN takes you to the Middle East



Acting as portal to the Middle East market, since most of the goods in transit to the Middle East enter through Dubai, and at the same time most of the forwarded goods are dispatched to Africa, South America and India, the Dubai market potential is enormous, Dubai annually holds many exhibitions.



XBN ecommerce platform's manager said that if China companies want to enter the Middle East market, according to the characteristics of their products, they have to choose attending one or two selected effective exhibitions, like this meeting with customers will be more convenient, and also can timely understand the local market.



Points to pay attention to when entering the Middle East market



(1) It is necessary to understand the background of the Middle East market, and enter into it step by step, with a thorough understanding of customers' requirements.



(2) After entering the Middle East market, we should not reduce the price easily. Enterprises should consider within reasonable price range, do a good job in after-sales service. In the contract, list the detailed features of the products, the quality guarantee period and so on.



(3) Importers in the Middle East usually require to see samples to conclude transactions, so Chinese enterprises must take samples with them. For goods not easy to carry, it is better to have pictures, specimens and detailed descriptions.



(4) Importesrs in the Middle East usually require quick quotations, if the reply hasn't come in one or two days, they will immediately lose interest and move on elsewhere for more inquiries.



(5) Chinese manufacturers, even if they have established a trust relationship with Middle Eastern companies, should not deliver any merchandise easily, to avoid losses in case to the buyer being not able to pay for them.



Understanding Middle Eastern Customs and Culture



(1) Middle Eastern businessmen are impetuous, attach great importance to the delivery dates in normal trade, and are very sensitive to samples' consistency and quality, so it is extremely important to pay attention to these points.



(2) Middle East businessmen are friendly, treat people with cordiality, but they will not yield to key factors such as pricing. It is suggested that when negotiating a contract, you directly show some records of the recent transactions to prove your abilities and price standards.



(3) Contact with friends is very important for Middle Eastern businessmen, so keeping a good friendship plays a very important role in the success of a business relationship, thus reciprocity is essential.

















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