XBN takes you to discover 10 colors that will enhance your sales



Color plays a very important role in any marketing campaign. A product has colors, styles and materials. From these 3 basic elements, the first to attract people's attention is the color.



A survey showed that, on the basis of not increasing costs, a change in color could add 10%-25% value to the product and bring more profits to the companies. The following is XBN's analysis of 10 colors and how they stimulate consumers' emotions.



1 Red



Red is a dynamic color that attracts consumers' attention, and that's why it has become the most popular color in marketing.



2 Blue



When an enterprise wants to make marketing activities seem reliable, then the theme color is blue. If you use blue with its complementary colors, you can also get better results.



3 Pink



Pink attracts young women's attention. It's cute, warm, and feminine.



4 Yellow



Yellow is also a vibrant color, but it is also a "dangerous" one. Enterprises can use yellow to catch the audience's attention.



5 green



Green, gentle and pleasant, gives consumers a sense of pleasure. Second, green represents health, the environment and friendship. In the end, it is also the color of money and brings wealth to mind.



6 purple



Purple is the royal color, which makes your products look more elegant and authoritative.



7 gold



Gold is elegant and authoritative, but when adding purple elements. Purple, green and gold is a powerful combination, symbolizing wealth and authority.



8 orange



Orange stands for energy and has great attraction. Consumers will feel enterprises that use these color to be in the forefront of the market.



9 Brown



Brown is very simple, is a very comfortable color, can suggest the consumers relax.



10 black



Black has a very wide range. It allows consumers to feel modern or traditional, stimulating or relaxing. The use of color matching rules can add intensity to black and stimulate consumers' feelings.



As XBN's Marketing manager said, there is a "7 second law" in color marketing: a product has 7 seconds to enter the consumer perspective and leave an instant impression. There are a lot

of consumers who decide their purchases according to the first impression, and color plays a role in the 67% of the cases.

















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