XBN takes part in the Sino-Greek friendly cooperation Conference  



On May 13th, on the eve of the "One Belt, one Road" International Cooperation Forum, the "Sino-Greek friendly cooperation Conference" took place in Beijing. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the vice president of the Greek-China Association Wang Duosi, and dozens of local government members and entrepreneurs from China and Greece participated in the conference. XBN chairman Ms. Xu Danxia, as representative of the Chinese cross-border ecommerce companies was invited to the meeting and delivered a speech.



China and Greece governments, experts and scholars, and business elites, discussed topics such as "Culture and Sports", "Agriculture and Tourism", "Trade and Investment" and other specific issues.



Ms. Xu Danxia said that in order to implement the "One Belt, one Road" national strategy, and promote the development of bilateral trade between China and Greece, reached a strategic cooperation with the municipal government of Asprópyrgos in the Athens region. Both sides jointly build XBN's localized cross-border ecommerce platform, a warehouse for Chinese products in Greece and an Exhibition Center, as well as a business platform for Greek and Chinese imported goods. Like this, XBN is ready to handle Greece's and its neighboring countries' exports to China and also cover other consumer markets.



In addition, the local municipal government also provides XBN with a warehousing center located in a duty-free zone, assists XBN to create an exhibition center for Chinese products, and encourages local enterprises to participate in the trading platform.



Ms. Xu Danxia said also that Greece plays a very important role in the "One Belt, one Road" initiative, and with the further implementation of such strategy, hopes XBN and the Greek government and enterprises will develop a broader and deeper cooperation.



"Piraeus port is a very important transfer station in international trade, and will play a key role in the Sino-Greek trade in the future" stated Greek Prime Minister Mr. Tsipras, and added: "China and Greece should strengthen cooperation in several fields, and we hope that cooperation between Greece and China will be a long-term and strategic one".



Since the "One Belt, one Road" initiative was launched more than three years ago, China has signed cooperation agreements of international range with more than 30 countries. XBN, as an appointed 'model company' by the Ministry of Commerce, has been implementing the "One Belt, one Road" strategy since more than three years, basing on the interoperability principle, establishing a deep cooperation with the "Belt and Road" countries and enterprises. On one side, providing Chinese companies with an effective way to export, and on the other, contributing to the development of the countries along the "Belt and Road" strategical cooperation.



















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